Professor His Eminence Philaret, Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, Patriarch’s Exarch of all Belarus. 
Orthodoxy and Medecine

His Eminence Stefan, Archbishop of Pinsk and Luninets
The History of Minsk Theological Seminary

Archimandrit Leonid
The Second Restoration of Minsk Theological Seminary

Professor Antonik V.K
Minsk Theological Seminary in the years of Its first Restoration

Bishop Ioan
The Teaching of Saint Ioan of Kronshtadt on the Eucharist

Archpriest Gennady Povniy
The Catholic and National Aspects in the life of the Orthodox Church

Professor Gavryushin N.C.
«The Infaillibale Theologian». Giles of Rome and his Treatise “Errores Philosophorum”

Docent Archpriest Georgy Sokolov
The works of Saint Cyril Tourovsky. (The Bibliographic Index of issues situated in the libraries of Minsk Theological academy and Seminary and of  Zhirovichi Monastery of Dormition in  church-slavonic, Russian and Byelorussian languages)

Priest Feodor Krivonos
Martidom and Confession of three bishops of Mogilev of 20 century—Pheodosy (Vashinsky), Saint Pavlin (Kroshechkin) and Alexander (Raevsky)

Priest Alexander Bolonnikov
Alexandrian Theological School (Kliment and Origen) in Works of Russian patrologists

The Statement on Awarding the Academic Degree of Magister of Theology

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